Travel Design

Travel design – a phrase so fashionable nowadays, we bet you it must be printed on every other page in a luxury travel magazine. Travel design though, starts where guide books, travel forums or travel magazines stop. These may be the first brushes on an empty canvas when you plan for a luxury holiday around Spain and Morocco. But you presume or at least hope for your expectations to be exceeded. And rightfully so. You see, you won’t find the best flight connections between these two countries on your own. You can’t know that the ferry over to Tangiers is sometimes late. Or that passport control can take forever. And that may setback your whole holiday. Even if you had the time, you don’t speak the local language. And then, there are things that just can’t be found on the internet or in print. Knowledge of such details (or the possibility of them happening), only comes with certain in- country experience and a network of local insiders that take years to build. And that’s where Mauresque comes in. Not just carefully planning and crafting an amazing 10 day Spain Morocco luxury tour. But someone that can turn things around in the event your flight was late or a desert storm just happened out of nowhere. Re- book your whole accommodation. Make new dinner arrangements. Customize your itinerary on the go. Because that network of local insiders and in country experience has given him, your agent, the tools to be prepared for this. So that you can still get your expectations exceeded.


The same in- country experience makes it easy for your agent to separate the wheat from the chaff and save you hours spent reading conflicting opinions on Trip Advisor and other Fodor travel forums. Let’s say you eventually figure out that the Sahara dunes of Erg Chigaga in the south of Morocco are less touristy, more immersing than the ones in Erg Chebbi, where quad biking and bongo drumming instill a feeling of theme park. But before reaching the dunes, what about leaving the tarmac and fall under the palm trees in the nearby palm grove ? Learn how the locals deviate the local oued through century- old irrigation khetaras. Olives are pressed by hand through the oil press - dip the freshly- baked bread into it and sample a local's breakfast while sipping mint tea. And, at sunset, witness how the honey- comb citadel turns into a flaming wall that seems to defy the ages, its ruined mud houses slowly returning to the earth they had been molded from. It is moments like this that define a travel and will stick with you for the years to come. How would you feel returning home and realize you have only skimmed the surface ? How likely is it for you to return soon to this part of the world ? Do you want to experience some truly experiential travel across Spain and Morocco or just tick a box on a travel list? Because you won’t need us for the latter.

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The ‘Sample Itineraries’ listed on our site are just a reference to get things started, but we can truly create a Spain Morocco luxury trip around any topic or theme you desire. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call or email us and tell us what you want to see or do.