Why Mauresque


On the ground travel specialists creating tailor made private tours of Spain and Morocco.

Not someone from an overseas office ousourcing their tours to local agencies and charging you for it. We spend a great deal of time and effort travelling around Spain and Morocco all year round, testing and handpicking the latest boutique and luxury posadas, casas, eco lodges, kasbahs and Riads. Anonymously trying out spas and restaurants, attending music festivals and local events. Selecting only authentic and off the beaten track experiences. From being taken by camel ride into the Sahara and spending the night in an 'Out-of-Africa' desert tent to a flamenco evening in a cueva in Albaicin. From balloon flight over Marrakech to wine tasting in the Rioja region. From lunch at Richard Branson's Atlas Mountains retreat to discovering Gaudi's other masterpieces, outside Barcelona.


We don't book off-the-shelf tours at Mauresque. We create bespoke tailor made tours of Spain and Morocco. Naturally, there are a few set itineraries available on our site, but they are mere examples of what someone can achieve on such an itinerary. Everyone has something in mind when contacting us first: spending a night in the Moroccan Sahara, crossing the Atlas Mountains, visiting the Prado in Madrid or the Alhambra in Granada. The planning starts with an empty canvas. Slowly we add texture and color. A balance must be struck between activity and rest, simplicity and grandeur, planned ahead and spontaneous. Then, your particulars come in: your age, whether you prefer culture and interacting with the locals over adventure activities, your culinary preferences, what sites should not be missed, the desired pace and so on. Every day of your trip is carefully considered. Furthermore, the experience will be sometimes customized during the tour itself, when the situation requires it.

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From the initial email enquiry to your return back home, we make sure our guest service is unparalleled. We reply to your email enquiries within 24 hours and are available for live chat on Skype or normal phone seven days a week. During the tour, we are constantly in touch to see if your're getting what you expected or to make sure that you are having something different for dinner every evening. A medical emergency ? The best French restaurant in town ? Travelling with your children and feel like having an evening out? Our team is there to arrange an English speaking dentist, the most caring babysitter or the ultimate romantic dinner. We always try to upgrade you in the properties arranged during the tour and for special occasions ( anniversary, honey moon) we always keep an ace up our sleeve...

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We know by now that you don't always get what you see online. Even though Trip Advisor and other similar sites have revolutionized the way we travel nowadays, fake reviews and altered images have ruined quite a few luxury vacations. We're staying in every hotel we recommend so you know what you are going to get. We're constantly trying out new and established restaurants, things to do and out-of-ordinary experiences. And we have a blog to prove it. At the end of each tour, we have you fill in a survey where you rate in detail the services offered on the tour. If several surveys complain about a particular hotel, restaurant or activity, it gets immediately removed from our portfolio. We don't trust magazines or press releases - our network of insiders and decision makers allow us to quickly get in the know about a new opening or a restaurant/ hotel that is losing its appeal.

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We could offer itineraries to other countries but we'd rather not. Being a small local agency allows us to really focus on all the small details that make a difference. It also creates the premises for us to have a more person-to-person approach as our guests are in contact directly with those that travel the country and build their itineraries, not a department or some extension line.

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We do not have contracts that oblige us to fill beds in particular properties as we mostly favor small intimate boutique and luxury guest houses versus chain hotels and buffet dinners. These offer both comfort, intimacy and authenticity, both by their architecture and interior decoration as with their cuisine. Every morning you are greeted by the manager or owner over breakfast. You will sample the local cuisine and even partake in preparing the dishes. You get the best tips on where to shop or visit. To most of these accomodations a star rating per se wouldn't make any sense. We have therefore decided to replace it with our own rating and words that best resume the different levels: Dreamers, Privilege and Divine. For details on our accommodation options, please visit our Boutique Portfolio page.

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We are not the most affordable luxury tour agency. We don't pretend to, either. Excellence comes with a price tag. What we are is more affordable than traditional high-end agencies based abroad. We only charge a service fee and never add any profit margin on the constituents of your package, may that be restaurants, guided tours or cooking classes. We offer travel agent rates on the properties we book for you during your tour.