Story of Tour from Cairo to Luxor

Tour from Cairo to Luxor

Written by Alice Alvarez

January 1, 2023

A tour from Cairo to Luxor is a great way to see the best of Egypt’s ancient sites. The journey typically takes around 8 hours by car, but it can also be done via train or private charter flights. Once in Luxor, travelers can explore the magnificent Valley of Kings and Queens, the Karnak Temple Complex, and several other fascinating attractions.

While in Cairo, visitors have access to the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and Khan el Khalili Bazaar among many others. Along with sightseeing opportunities, there are plenty of chances for shopping and sampling the local cuisine. A trip from Cairo to Luxor is an unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Egypt!

The ancient cities of Cairo and Luxor are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. They offer an amazing mix of historical sites, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant culture. Taking a tour from Cairo to Luxor is an experience like no other.

Starting off in Cairo, you will marvel at the stunning sights that make up this bustling metropolis. The Great Pyramids of Giza are one of the world’s oldest man-made structures and a must-see for any visitor to Egypt. You can also explore the famous Egyptian Museum which houses thousands of artifacts from ancient times as well as some fascinating mummies!

If you want something more contemporary then take a stroll through Khan el Khalili bazaar for some great shopping opportunities or visit Coptic Cairo where you’ll find churches dating back centuries. From there your journey takes you south along the Nile River towards Luxor where you’ll see many remarkable monuments such as Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, Colossi Of Memnon statues, and Valley Of The Kings tomb site with its many grand burial chambers cut into rock faces by Pharaohs who wanted their afterlife secured against grave robbers! After exploring these majestic sites head over to West Bank’s village life with traditional housing styles and interesting markets before crossing back over the river via ferryboat to East Bank on your way out of town – don’t forget to check out Luxor temple while here too!

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Can You Do a Day Trip from Cairo to Luxor?

Yes, you can do a day trip from Cairo to Luxor. It takes about five hours by car from Cairo to reach the ancient city of Luxor, which is located in Upper Egypt on the banks of the Nile River. To make this possible, it’s best to leave early in the morning and enjoy a full day exploring all that this fascinating city has to offer.

When you arrive in Luxor, there are many incredible sights that should not be missed. The most popular attractions include the Karnak Temple Complex, Valley of Kings Tombs, Colossi of Memnon statues, and Hatshepsut’s Temple at Deir el-Bahari. These sites will provide ample opportunity for exploration and learning about Egyptian history and culture while taking beautiful photographs along the way.

In addition to these historical sites, travelers can also explore some modern places as well such as Luxor Museum, or visit local markets where they can purchase souvenirs like handmade jewelry or traditional clothing items like galabiyas (long robes). There are plenty of restaurants for dining options too with cuisines ranging from Mediterranean fare to traditional Egyptian dishes such as kebabs and kofta (meatballs). For those who have time before heading back home at nightfall or just want a relaxing end to their day trip from Cairo, then spending an evening right on the Nile watching a sunset cruise is recommended – definitely something special!

How Long is a Boat Ride from Cairo to Luxor?

If you’re looking to take a boat ride from Cairo to Luxor, it can be done in one day. The total distance is 528 km (328 miles), and the journey takes approximately 8-10 hours. The most popular way of getting from Cairo to Luxor is by taking a river cruise down the Nile River.

These cruises typically depart from Cairo early in the morning and end in Luxor late at night. Along the way, travelers will get to see some of Egypt’s most famous historical sites as well as beautiful landscapes along the banks of the Nile River. Onboard amenities usually include comfortable cabins and dining options, with some boats also offering activities such as swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers for those who want to make their trip even more enjoyable.

For travelers looking for an alternative option, there are bus services available between Cairo and Luxor that offer direct trips lasting 6-7 hours depending on traffic conditions. However, this mode of transport doesn’t provide any opportunities for sightseeing like a river cruise does so it’s best suited for those who just need to get from point A to point B quickly without making too many stops along the way. Finally, another option is traveling by plane which only takes about an hour but requires transfers at both ends which can add significantly more time onto your overall journey time if you have luggage or other items that need checking through security first before boarding your flight(s).

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How Long is the Train Ride from Luxor to Cairo?

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt and are wondering how long the train ride from Luxor to Cairo is, then you’ve come to the right place. The train journey between these two cities takes around 8-9 hours in total, depending on what type of service you choose. The most convenient way of getting from Luxor to Cairo by train is by taking one of the direct trains that depart from Luxor Railway Station daily at 11:00 am and arrive at Cairo Main Station at approximately 7:30 pm.

This service is operated by Egyptian National Railways (ENR). It’s a comfortable air-conditioned express with plenty of space for luggage, plus onboard facilities such as food and drinks trolleys offering snacks and beverages. There’s also Wi-Fi access throughout the entire journey so you can stay connected during your travels.

Ticket prices range between EGP 135 – 175 per person depending on class selection (First or Second Class), which includes all taxes and fees associated with this route. Alternatively, travelers may opt for an overnight sleeper train leaving Luxor station every day at 10:10 pm arriving at Cairo main station early the next morning around 6:20 am. This option provides passengers with more flexibility since they won’t have to spend an entire day traveling but instead can enjoy some rest while en route toward their destination city.

How Much is a Taxi from Cairo to Luxor?

When traveling from Cairo to Luxor, an important factor in calculating your travel costs is the cost of transportation. The most common and convenient way to get between the two cities is by taxi, but how much will this cost? The distance between Cairo and Luxor is approximately 500 kilometers (311 miles) and takes around 6 hours of driving time.

Taking a taxi all the way from Cairo to Luxor can be quite expensive, with prices ranging anywhere from 250-350 Egyptian pounds ($15-$21 USD). This price includes tolls on the highway as well as any other fees associated with taking a taxi such as a car rental or fuel surcharges. It’s also worth noting that these prices are likely higher during peak times like weekends or holidays when demand for taxis increases.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, there are plenty of buses that run directly between Cairo and Luxor for about one-third of the price (around 80-100 EGP/$5-6 USD). These buses usually take longer than a taxi because they make multiple stops along their route but if you don’t mind having extra time during your journey it could definitely be worthwhile! Additionally, some bus companies offer luxury options which include air conditioning, snacks/drinks onboard, reclining seats, etc., so keep an eye out for those if you want something comfier than standard public transport.

Tour from Cairo to Luxor


Luxor Tours from Cairo by Flight

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get from Cairo to Luxor, taking a flight is the best option. Not only is it fast and comfortable, but it also allows you to take in some of Egypt’s stunning landscapes from above. Taking an organized tour with a travel agency can make your journey even more enjoyable while ensuring that all necessary arrangements are taken care of.

The most popular way to fly between Cairo and Luxor is via the domestic carrier EgyptAir. The flight takes just over an hour and departs several times throughout the day, making it easy to fit into any schedule or itinerary if you’re short on time. There are plenty of other airlines offering flights as well, so be sure to check out different options before booking your ticket if the price is your main concern.

Organized tours offer a great way for travelers who aren’t familiar with the area or don’t speak the language fluently to get around safely and easily without having to worry about getting lost or finding their own transportation from point A to point B. Many companies provide private tours tailored specifically for groups depending on what type of experience they’re looking for – whether that’s exploring ancient ruins, enjoying luxury accommodations at 5-star resorts, or checking out local markets filled with delicious food options!

Cairo to Luxor 2-Day Tour

Are you looking to explore some of Egypt’s most iconic and historic sites in a short amount of time? A Cairo to Luxor 2-day tour could be the perfect way to get your fix! On this whirlwind journey, you’ll visit some of the country’s most famous attractions like the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of Kings, and more.

On your first day, you’ll start off by getting picked up from your hotel in Cairo for an early morning departure. From here, you will head straight into Giza where you can explore the three legendary pyramids set against a backdrop that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. After exploring Giza’s ancient wonders, take time out to enjoy lunch with views over the nearby Nile River before continuing on towards Luxor.

Once there, check-in at your luxury resort or hotel before heading out again later in the evening. Spend some time discovering all that this incredible city has to offer including historical sites such as Karnak Temple Complex and Luxor Temple – both amazing structures left behind by Ancient Egyptians who have been gone for eons! After taking in these authentic antiquities accompanied by knowledgeable guides along each step of the way, head back to your accommodation for dinner and much-needed rest after a long day full of discovery!

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Cairo to Luxor by Boat

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, why not take a trip from Cairo to Luxor by boat? This is an unforgettable journey that will allow you to explore some of Egypt’s most iconic sites while taking in stunning views along the way. The Nile River is one of the longest rivers in the world, stretching through 10 countries and spanning almost 4,000 miles.

It’s also home to numerous ancient monuments and archaeological sites that are well worth visiting. Taking a boat down this river from Cairo to Luxor allows you to experience some of these marvels up close. The journey takes around 12 hours with stops at several different cities along the way including Aswan, Kom Ombo, and Edfu where visitors can disembark for short shore tours or just take advantage of photo opportunities before continuing their voyage downstream.

During your travels, you’ll be able to see spectacular sights such as temples dedicated to gods like Horus and Sobek as well as breathtaking landscapes like those near Aswan Dam—a must-see when traveling along this route! Once arriving in Luxor there are plenty of activities available so make sure you have enough time set aside for exploration before heading back upstream on your return trip. Popular attractions include exploring the Valley Of The Kings where Tutankhamun was buried as well as checking out Karnak Temple Complex which is considered one of Egypt’s greatest treasures due to its impressive scale and beauty!

Luxor Day Trip from Hurghada

If you’re looking for an amazing day trip from Hurghada, then a Luxor Day Trip is the perfect way to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt. Located in Upper Egypt, Luxor was once known as Thebes and is home to some of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. From towering temples to imposing sphinxes and massive monuments, it’s no wonder why many tourists flock here!

The best way to experience all that this incredible destination has to offer is by booking a day tour with a reputable travel company. Most tours will pick you up early in the morning at your Hurghada hotel before heading out on an exciting journey across deserts and mountains toward Luxor. Along the way, your guide will provide interesting commentary about this fascinating region and its unique history.

Once you arrive in Luxor, you’ll be able to visit some of its most famous attractions such as Karnak Temple Complex – one of Egypt’s largest religious complexes – or Valley of Kings where several tombs have been excavated from pharaohs who lived thousands of years ago! You can also go on boat rides along the Nile River or take guided tours around various historic sites like Hatshepsut Temple which dates back more than 3200 years ago!

Cairo to Luxor Train

If you’re looking for a great way to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, taking the Cairo to Luxor train is an excellent option. This route takes travelers through some of Egypt’s most iconic sites and offers stunning views along the way. Here, we’ll provide detailed information about this unforgettable journey.

The Cairo to Luxor train departs from Ramses Station in downtown Cairo and travels south along the Nile River Valley towards Upper Egypt. The journey typically takes around 6-7 hours, depending on stops and delays, but it can be as short as five or as long as nine hours depending on your specific itinerary. Along the way, passengers get stunning views of both rural farmland and bustling cities that line the river banks – making for some truly breathtaking scenes at every turn!

Once you reach Luxor station in Upper Egypt (around 30 minutes outside of town), you can hop off and explore all that this historic city has to offer. From its vast temples dating back thousands of years to its vibrant markets full of local goods – there are countless attractions here that will keep any traveler busy during their stay! In terms of ticket prices, fares vary based on class selection; however, they generally range between 40-65 EGP per person (roughly 2-4 USD).

First-class tickets offer more luxurious amenities such as air conditioning units while second-class tickets offer more basic seating arrangements with no AC included.

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Cairo to Luxor by Car

Cairo to Luxor by car is a popular journey for those looking to explore the wonders of ancient Egypt. It’s an easy and convenient way to visit some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, while also enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the way. The drive from Cairo to Luxor can take anywhere between six and eight hours depending on traffic, so it’s important to plan accordingly if you want to make the most out of your trip.

The best route from Cairo to Luxor is via Highway 2, which runs parallel to the Nile River before finally arriving in Luxor. Along this scenic journey, travelers will be able to view some amazing archaeological sites such as Karnak Temple Complex and Valley of Kings near Luxor; Abu Simbel temple complex near Aswan; Edfu Temple Complex located en route; Kom Ombo temple complex at Luxor’s north bank; Philae Temple Complex situated closeby Aswan High Dam Lake Nasser; Dendera Temple Complex located at Qena Governorate & Abydos Shrine which lies about 200km SouthWestward from Cairo-Luxor Roadway. All these locations have their own unique charm that would definitely add more flavor to your road trip adventure!

Aside from all these incredible attractions, though, driving yourself through Egypt offers travelers a chance for personal exploration and discovery.

Cairo to Luxor Distance

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Egypt? If so, then you may have considered taking a trip from Cairo to Luxor. But before you book your flights and reserve your hotel rooms, it’s important to understand the distance between these two amazing cities in order to plan accordingly.

Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world and is known for its vast array of ancient monuments, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. On the other hand, Luxor is home to some stunning archaeological sites such as the Karnak Temple Complex and Valley of Kings. As a result, this route has become increasingly popular among tourists looking for an unforgettable experience in Egypt.

So how far apart are Cairo and Luxor? The distance between them by road measures approximately 468 miles (753 kilometers). Hence if you’re planning on driving from Cairo to Luxor, it will take about 8 hours depending on traffic conditions and rest stops along the way.

Alternatively, if traveling by air is more convenient for you there are daily domestic flights connecting these two destination points with travel time lasting around 1 hour 10 minutes including boarding & disembarking times at airports. Overall both Cairo & Luxor offer travelers plenty of incredible sights that should not be missed! Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins or soaking up sun-filled days at beaches nearby – there’s something special waiting for everyone who visits this pair of amazing Egyptian cities!

Cairo to Luxor Tripadvisor

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Egypt, then a trip from Cairo to Luxor is something you won’t want to miss. Located on the west bank of the Nile River, Luxor holds some of the most impressive ancient monuments and sites in all of Egypt. The journey between these two cities can be made by train or even more conveniently by air travel, with flights taking just over an hour.

No matter how you travel between Cairo and Luxor, TripAdvisor offers plenty of ways to make your trip more enjoyable. For example, they have reviews on local restaurants that can provide delicious meals along the way. You can also find hotel recommendations so you can stay close to many of the amazing attractions in both cities.

Plus, there are various options when it comes to sightseeing tours – whether it’s seeing the Great Pyramids or exploring the Valley of Kings & Queens – allowing visitors to really get a feel for this fascinating part of history and culture. TripAdvisor also provides helpful tips about what not to do when traveling from Cairo to Luxor such as avoiding scams from street vendors and being aware that certain areas may require permits if one wants access to them (such as archaeological sites). Additionally, those who wish to explore further afield than just downtown Cairo or Luxor should keep safety measures like wearing sunblock during hot days at top-of-mind; there are very few places where shade is available!


Are you looking for a memorable travel experience? Look no further than a tour from Cairo to Luxor! This journey allows you to explore some of Egypt’s most renowned historical sites and monuments, as well as its stunning desert landscapes.

You’ll have the chance to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, sail down the Nile River, and marvel at the Valley of Kings – just to name a few highlights. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will provide interesting commentary about each destination so you can learn more about Egypt’s incredible history and culture. At the end of your trip, you’ll be left with lasting memories that will make this adventure an unforgettable experience!

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